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One Chord Five Ways

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One Chord Five Ways

Mason Razavi
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Improve your knowledge of the fretboard by learning how you can use a familiar half diminished voicing five ways. Emin7b5 can be

  • E-7b5 - the II chord in D minor
  • C9 - the V chord in F major
  • F#7(b13b9) - the V chord in B minor
  • A7susb9 - a V chord variation in D
  • G-6 - a tonic minor chord

This PDF is a companion to the video, which can be found on YouTube.

Included are two chord studies on the changes to:

  • April in Paris (using the voicing in 4/5 ways)
  • C minor blues (using the voicing as a tonic minor chord

Most importantly, the student will learn a concept - learning to visualize different roots for the same set of notes - that can be applied to other harmonic concepts in the pursuit of fretboard mastery.

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A PDF containing the lesson notes (voicings and brief explanations), a chord study on April in Paris, and a chord study on a C minor blues

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