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Body and Soul - Self-Comping and Soloing With Chords

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This lengthy and thorough self-comping study goes through 2 choruses of Body and Soul, once at ballad tempo and once at double time.

This gives the learner the tools to learn voicings and comping rhythms (not to mention tasty single note lines) so as to apply them not just to this tune, but to other ballads and swing tunes.

The study is presented along with the longest lesson in the series to date, clocking in at nearly 60 minutes. The voicings and lines are clearly explained, as is enough theory to understand the where and the why.

The student is asked to consider these 3 things while working on this study:

  • Grow You Chord Vocabulary by taking note of which voicings most interest you and applying them to other tunes
  • Balancing Chords against single note lines as well as bringing out the top notes of voicings
  • Developing a solo by observing how dynamics, use of different registers, and active rhythms create a story arc over the course of a nearly 5-minute solo
  • And more - single note lines, applied theory, etc.

This bundle includes:

  • PDF with notation and tab
  • A nearly 60-minute performance and lesson video
  • The bass track to play along with
  • The performance audio track with both the bass and guitar
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Body and Soul - Self-Comping and Soloing With Chords

3 ratings
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